Network trace without netmon netsh trace start capture=yes tracefile=D:\trace.etl netsh trace stop copy the ETL file to computer with netmon installed then go to the computer where you have the netmon installed open the ETL After you open the file You will find the following view ¬†The parsers will have a problem If you look... Continue Reading →

Users in a hybrid deployment can’t access a shared mailbox that was created in Exchange Online [Resolved]

Users in a hybrid deployment can't access a shared mailbox that was created in Exchange Online [Resolved] Date: 24/04/2018 10 minutes to read Applies to:¬†Exchange Online, Exchange Server 2016, Enterprise Edition, Exchange Server 2016, Standard Edition, Exchange Server 2013 Enterprise Exchange CAUSE These issues can occur when the shared mailbox is created by using the... Continue Reading →

Service Principal Names As Microsoft descriptions (A service principal name (SPN) is a unique identifier of a service instance.) SO what is the meaning? Professionals' opinions and description Simple opinion SPN is an authenticating tool for windows services. Kerberos is a user authentication service SPNEGO-GSSAPI is the third party API to be able to use... Continue Reading →

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