Moving mailboxes online Troubleshooting

Contents 1    Outlook    1 1.1    Outlook Rules    1 1.    Client-only rules    1 2    Server-side rules    1 3    Mobile Seamless move    2 4    User and password Prompt screen    2    Moving mailboxes online Troubleshooting         First Problem outlook Rules aren't applied after the moving of exchange mailbox online This is because some rules are on server and some rules are on the client side when moving... Continue Reading →

Understanding Custom Attributes

Understanding Custom Attributes Dynamic groups Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 and Exchange Server 2007 include 15 extension attributes. You can use these attributes to add information about a recipient, such as an employee ID, organizational unit (OU), or some other custom value for which there isn't an existing attribute. These custom attributes are labeled in Active Directory... Continue Reading →

How to get administrative access to the OneDrive for Business environment of a user

Go to the Office 365 admin portal Open the SharePoint admin center On the left choose user profiles Manage User Profiles Manage User Profiles Find the user you would like to have access to Open the item menu of the user Manage site collection owners Administrative Access OneDrive for Business Manage User Profiles Item Menu Add... Continue Reading →

Recreate the “Shared with Everyone” folder after a user is created

Shared with everyone one drive If you have only a handful of users and you want to recreate the Shared with Everyone folder, follow these steps. Instruct your users to navigate to OneDrive for Business. Create a folder called Shared with Everyone (or a similar name), following the same steps you would do to Create a document from... Continue Reading →

Use Windows PowerShell to control how external sharing invitations can be accepted

 if this parameter is not set or is set to null:    When a user shares with an external user, they enter an e-mail like, and an email is sent to Stephen at When he attempts to accept the invitation (by clicking the link in the email), he can log in with any account... Continue Reading →

How to Get Administrative Access to the OneDrive for Business Environment of a User

How to Get Administrative Access to the OneDrive for Business Environment of a User If you are familiar with SharePoint Online, you might recognize some of these steps to get administrative access. Go to the Office 365 admin portal. Open the SharePoint admin center. On the left, choose user profiles. Choose Manage User Profiles (see figure 2).  ... Continue Reading →

Update the OneDrive for Business sync app

Update the OneDrive for Business sync app We're continuously improving the OneDrive for Business sync app, so it's important to keep your sync app updated. The steps to do this depend on whether you installed Office or the OneDrive for Business sync app through a setup program (MSI), or through Click-to-run. This article is not about... Continue Reading →

Use your Office 365 credentials to sign in to Yammer

Office 365 sign-in for Yammer Use your Office 365 credentials to sign in to Yammer  Go to your office 365 admin center Then choose SharePoint                    This is the situation now before enabling the feature there is now office 365 log in  SharePoint admin center And check... Continue Reading →

External sharing with Office 365, part 1: Introduction

External sharing with Office 365, part 1: Introduction  What is an external user?    So, what is an external user? According to the Office 365 definition, an external user is someone outside of your organization who can access your SharePoint Online sites and documents but does not have a license for your SharePoint Online or Microsoft... Continue Reading →

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