Moving mailboxes online Troubleshooting


1    Outlook    1

1.1    Outlook Rules    1

1.    Client-only rules    1

2    Server-side rules    1

3    Mobile Seamless move    2

4    User and password Prompt screen    2



Moving mailboxes online Troubleshooting





First Problem outlook Rules aren’t applied after the moving of exchange mailbox online

This is because some rules are on server and some rules are on the client side when moving the mailbox online some rules have to be recreated and pointing to the destination folders again


  1. Outlook

    1. Outlook Rules

      Office 365 – Server-side vs Client-only Rules

      Client-only rules

          have at least one condition or action that uses an Outlook feature and they don’t run until you log into Outlook with the account that you used to create the rule. For example, this is a client-only rule:

      From <people or distribution list>, flag message to <play a sound>

      In this example, you ask the rule to play a sound when you receive a message and this condition can be performed only by Outlook, which makes it a client-only rule.


    Server-side rules

        use conditions and actions handled by the Exchange server and these rules run whether or not you log into Outlook on your computer. Here’s an example of a server-side rule:

    From <people or distribution list in the GAL or your contacts list>, move it to the <specified> folder

    This rule uses all Exchange server information, like moving a message from a sender who’s in the Global Address List (GAL) to a specific folder that’s in your Exchange mailbox

    user must be in the GAL and we must point to the folder again


  1. Mobile Seamless move

    Mobile must be configured with default configuration not advanced


  1. User and password Prompt screen

    1. After moving online outlook will as for the credentials for the first time 0nly
    2. Single Sign on – Prompt for Credentials (Default must sign in first time )

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