Proxy group of connection

Proxy group of connection

SharePoint Application Proxy Group

SharePoint Application Proxy Group

Proxy group

is the relationship between web application and the service application connection (Proxy) or connection for a service application

service application connection

Sharepoint Service Application Proxy

It enables the web application to associate with just the application services needed

EX: my site web application doesn’t need to be associated with all service applications

By default, there is only one Application Proxy Group

Go to central admin


To create new application Proxy Group

New-SPServiceApplicationProxyGroup -Name “new name of your proxy group”

In my case, I will create one for the Project server only

New-SPServiceApplicationProxyGroup –Name MSproj_Group

Before command

After command

Now assign service application connection (Proxy) to the Proxy group

Use the following command to get list of Proxies

You need the ID of the required service

Get-SPServiceApplicationProxy | FT -AutoSize -Property ID, DIs*

Add-SPServiceApplicationProxyGroupMember -Member

Alternatively, you can run the following command to get list of all services with project name

Get-SPServiceApplicationProxy | where { $_.Name -like “*projec*” }

Now it’s connected

I will assign another proxy the Usage and health data collection Proxy

Now it is connected

Making your web pages search friendly

The title and meta description are important because they both are used by the search engine to generate the actual search result for the specific page. The title is used to generate the first line shown; the meta description is used to generate the few short sentences that follow.


Meta description

The title and meta description are important because they both are used by the search engine to generate the actual search result for the specific page.

The title is used to generate the first line shown; the meta description is used to generate the few short sentences that follow.

As an example the following page


Is building blocks

Meta Description

The description which appears in google search engine

For a page about fruits and vegetables, you will want to make sure that the phrase “fruits and vegetables” is in both the title and meta description. A good title would be “Blake Produce – Fresh Fruits and Vegetables.” This describes what the page is about and highlights your company name.

A good Meta description is usually two short sentences. It should also reinforce the title by using the keyword or phrase again. A good description would be: “Blake’s Produce delivers organic fresh fruit & veg to your home, as often as you need it. Order your customizable box online.

A title should be short and sweet; a description should match what the page is about.

 Content marketing.

Links to your site are great, as long as they are legitimate links from good websites.
So how can you get more of these good links? The best way is to create great content on your own site. Then, others may link to you because they think their audience should see your content. You can also encourage others to write about you, and share links to your website. In the SEO industry, this is called content marketing.

Social media

Search engines will crawl any page they can access, including social media sites. However, they generally do not place special significance on your popularity within a social media site. For example, you will not get more credit for having more “likes” or “followers.”
However, using social media is still a great way to reach a bigger audience. It promotes your site—and your business—because it helps, people discover your content and encourages them to interact with you. 


SEO International targeting

Target your search results to a specific country

Generic top-level domains (gTLDs) such as .com or .org

Domains that are not associated with specific locations. If your site has a generic top-level domain such as .com, .org, and wants to target users in a particular geographic location, you should set a country target.

 Country-coded top-level domain (ccTLDs)
(such as .ie or .fr)

It is already associated with a geographic region (in this example, Ireland or France). If you use a country-coded domain, you will not be able to specify a geographic location. You can specify a target country in the International Targeting report.

How do we determine location without Search Console?

If no information is entered in Search Console, Google relies largely on the site’s country domain (such as .ca, .de). If you use an international domain (.com, .org, .eu), we will rely on several signals, including IP address, location information on the page, links to the page, and any relevant information from Google My Business. If you change hosting provider for a country domain, there should be no impact. If you change the hosting provider of an international domain to a provider in another country, we recommend using Search Console to tell us which country your site should be associated with.

it is all here

How to do it?

Open google web masters tools

Add your property (your web site) the press the web site

Go under search traffic

Here you can see the country and language used

Choose the target users

How to remove the everyone claim Picker from OneDrive for Business or SharePoint online

remove the everyone claim Picker form SharePoint online or onedrive for business

all users claim Picker

Show everyone claim

It is so recommended to use the Windows PowerShell ISE

Windows PowerShell ISE

First, connect to your online tenant



Then run the following command to see properties of your tenant

Note: Any change in this part will also be applied to your SharePoint online configuration

The following command will show all command starting with show command

Using the ISE PowerShell

Get-spotenant | FL show*

ShowAllUsersClaim enables the administrator to hide the All Users claim groups in People Picker, but it doesn’t prevent resolving of All Users claim when fully typed
ShowEveryoneClaim Enables the administrator to hide the Everyone claim in the People Picker, but it doesn’t prevent resolving of Everyone claim when fully typed

As you can see, the show claims are both true

Just type –show and the list of properties will appear $false

The command must end with $false

Showallusersclaim is used for hiding everyone from appearing in the people picker

Set-SPOTenant -ShowEveryoneClaim $false

Run the get-spotenant | FL show* to make sure it is set to false

(SEO) Backlinks

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Backlinks

How Does The Backlink Check Tool Work?

Backlinks – Also referred to as Inbound Links. These are links pointing to one’s website from outside sources or other pages on the site.

Backlink tool

The backlink check tool is running a series of tests to determine how many backlinks are pointing to the website or link you entered. Additional information is also being collected including anchor text used, Page Rank of the backlink source, and any potential flags or warnings for each individual link.

In addition, the following is how to check the backlinks of your website

Backlinks check tool

The following are back links of LinkedIn web site

What do they mean?

It means the more inbound links the higher your ranking is on google search engine!

But google concern about quality, not quantity, some web site owner buy large quantity of backlinks

These websites will be penalized by google. Google prefers natural links (organic links).

Organic Results

 – Commonly referred to as Natural Results.(SERP) in a query that the listed website has not paid for. These are the websites that the search engines, each through their own algorithm, consider relevant concerning the search term.

Delay updating OneDrive.exe until the second release wave

Delay updating OneDrive until the second release wave

OneDrive for business

Registry key value to 1:



If you enable this setting, OneDrive sync clients in your domain (including those used for syncing personal accounts) will be updated during the second ring.

download onedrive

The OneDrive sync client update process

Deploying updates in the Enterprise ring

To deploy an updated version of the sync client for Windows, run the following command using System Center Configuration Manager:

Execute <pathToExecutable>\OneDriveSetup.exe /update /restart

If you do not want to restart the sync client, remove the /restart parameter.

KRBTGT account cannot be enabled

KRBTGT account cannot be enabled

The KRBTGT account is a local default account that acts as a service account for the Key Distribution Center (KDC) service. This account cannot be deleted, and the account name cannot be changed. The KRBTGT account cannot be enabled in Active Directory.

KRBTGT is also the security principal name used by the KDC for a Windows Server domain, as specified by RFC 4120. The KRBTGT account is the entity for the KRBTGT security principal, and it is created automatically when a new domain is created.

Windows Server Kerberos authentication is achieved by the use of a special Kerberos ticket-granting ticket (TGT) enciphered with a symmetric key. This key is derived from the password of the server or service to which access is requested. The TGT password of the KRBTGT account is known only by the Kerberos service. In order to request a session ticket, the TGT must be presented to the KDC. The TGT is issued to the Kerberos client from the KDC.


How to know the SPN needed name

How to get the SPN of any server

And how to know the Service needed name


First, open the active directory administrative center

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