Provide secure remote access to on-premises applications with Azure AD Application Proxy


  • Zero Trust controls.
  • Create Kerberos delegation.
  • Enable TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 from the registry
  • Install the application Proxy.
  • Configure the SSO.
  • Prerequisites for SSO.

At the beginning this is a part of the Zero Trust Implementation.
What is Zero Trust?
Zero Trust strategy requires that you verify explicitly, use least privileged access principles, and assume breach. Azure Active Directory can act as the policy decision point to enforce your access policies based on user, device, target resource, and environment insights.
Zero Trust controls and technologies across six foundational elements:

  1. Identities
  2. Devices
  3. Applications
  4. Data
  5. Infrastructure
  6. Networks

I will talk about the Application element (on-Prem)

Integrate all your applications with Azure AD.

SSO is not only a convenient feature for users, but it is also a security posture, as it prevents users from leaving copies of their credentials in various apps and helps them avoid getting used to surrendering their credentials due to excessive prompting.

Create Kerberos delegation (SPN)

First log in to on-prem Active directory go give Delegation and add SPN to the required server.

Create TLS 1.2 from registry

Then go to the registry as shown below.

Application Proxy in Azure Active Directory

Azure Active Directory (Azure AD) has an Application Proxy service that enables users to access on-premises applications by signing in with their Azure AD account.

Both services must be running

Enable the Application Proxy

Then go to enterprise application — Add new application —Choose the add on-premises applications.

Add the user to the application.

Choose the SSO method

According to the design of the application and what Authentication method is supported.

Configure the SSO.

We will use windows authentication method.


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