Provide secure remote access to on-premises applications with Azure AD Application Proxy

Topics Zero Trust controls.Create Kerberos delegation.Enable TLS 1.1 and TLS 1.2 from the registryInstall the application Proxy.Configure the SSO.Prerequisites for SSO. At the beginning this is a part of the Zero Trust Implementation.What is Zero Trust?Zero Trust strategy requires that you verify explicitly, use least privileged access principles, and assume breach. Azure Active Directory can act... Continue Reading →

Azure AD Connect sync: Prevent accidental deletes

Stopped deletion threshold Event iD 6950 and it appears in the azure ad synchronization service manager The following error occurs after Any of the three actions Changes to filtering where an entire OU or domain is unselected. All objects in an OU are deleted. An OU is renamed so all objects in it are considered... Continue Reading →

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