Authorizing DHCP Server by a non-enterprise administrator

Authorizing DHCP Server by a non-enterprise administrator By default, only a administrator which is member of "Enterprise Admins" group can authorize the DHCP which is installed in domain environment. If the other accounts  would like to authorize the DHCP server which is a member server in child domain, you may get "Access is denied".  To... Continue Reading →

How to delegate control move computer objects from one OU to another

Move Computer accounts between OUs In ADUC, right click the first OU and select Delegate Control. Add the user or  group you want.  Select the "Create a custom task to delegate" option and click Next. Select "Only the following objects in the folder" Check the box before "Computer objects" in the list. Check the box... Continue Reading →

Difference between Audit Logon Events and Audit Account Logon Events

OVERVIEW: Audit Logon Events The Audit logon events policy records all attempts to log on to the local computer, whether by using a domain account or a local account. On DCs, this policy records attempts to access the DC only. The policy does not, for instance, track a user who uses a domain account to... Continue Reading →

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