SharePoint 2010 Exam 70-667

some important useful questions in the sharePoint Exam 70-667

1-      You have a sharepoint 2010 server farm. You have a web application. The zones for the web application are configured as:
You need to prevent all users from changing the document library settings for the extranet zone. You must achieve this goal without affecting access to the default zone. What should you do?

Create a custom permission policy that denies the manage lists permission. Apply the custom permission policy to the domain users in the extranet zone.

2-     You are the administrator of a sharepoint 2010 farm. You need to ensure that deleted documents are stored in the sharepoint recycle bin for 60 days. What should you do?

From Central Administration, modify the web application general settings. (Web Applications, Manage web applications, General Settings, General Settings, Recycle Bin, Delete items in the recycle bin after ___ days.)

3-     You are the administrator of a sharepoint 2010 farm. You need to automatically backup the server every day. What should you do?

From windows Task Scheduler, create a task that runs stsadm.exe.

4-     You are the administrator of a sharepoint 2010 farm. You need to back up a site collection by using a Microsoft SQL database snapshot. What should you do?

From the sharepoint 2010 management shell, run the backup-spsite cmdlet.

At the Windows PowerShell command prompt type the following command:
Backup-SPSite -Identity <Site collection name> -Path <backup file> [-Force] [-NoSiteLock] [-UseSqlSnapshot] [-Verbose]
If the database server is running an Enterprise Edition of Microsoft SQL Server, we recommend that you also use the UseSqlSnapshot parameter for more consistent backups. You can also export sites or lists from these snapshots.

5-     You have a Microsoft SQL server 2008 server named server1. You install Sharepoint server 2010 on a server named server2. Server 1 and Server2 are joined to the same active directory domain. You create a domain user account named admin1. On server2 you add admin1 to the local administrative group. You need to ensure that admin1 can create a server farm with the least amount of permission granted. What should you do?

On server1, assign the dbcreator and the security admin server roles to admin1.


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