Scripts used for administration tasks

Add-SPSite: Adds a new SharePoint site

Import-SPSite: Imports a site from a backup file

Export-SPSite: Exports a site to a backup file

Get-SPWeb: Gets a SharePoint web site

Remove-SPSite: Removes a site from the site collection

Add-SPList: Creates a new SharePoint list

Display-SPList: Displays all lists

Remove-SPList: Removes a list

Get-SPView: Gets a SharePoint view

Display-SPItemInformation: Displays detailed item information

Set-SPItem: Modifies a list item

CheckIn-SPDocument: Checks in a document in SharePoint

CheckOut-SPDocument: Checks out a document in SharePoint

Display-SPWebPart: Displays all web parts

Add-SPUser: Adds a new user to a group in SharePoint

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