How to remove the everyone claim Picker from OneDrive for Business or SharePoint online

remove the everyone claim Picker form SharePoint online or onedrive for business

all users claim Picker

Show everyone claim

It is so recommended to use the Windows PowerShell ISE

Windows PowerShell ISE

First, connect to your online tenant



Then run the following command to see properties of your tenant

Note: Any change in this part will also be applied to your SharePoint online configuration

The following command will show all command starting with show command

Using the ISE PowerShell

Get-spotenant | FL show*

ShowAllUsersClaim enables the administrator to hide the All Users claim groups in People Picker, but it doesn’t prevent resolving of All Users claim when fully typed
ShowEveryoneClaim Enables the administrator to hide the Everyone claim in the People Picker, but it doesn’t prevent resolving of Everyone claim when fully typed

As you can see, the show claims are both true

Just type –show and the list of properties will appear $false

The command must end with $false

Showallusersclaim is used for hiding everyone from appearing in the people picker

Set-SPOTenant -ShowEveryoneClaim $false

Run the get-spotenant | FL show* to make sure it is set to false


Delay updating OneDrive.exe until the second release wave

Delay updating OneDrive until the second release wave

OneDrive for business

Registry key value to 1:



If you enable this setting, OneDrive sync clients in your domain (including those used for syncing personal accounts) will be updated during the second ring.

download onedrive

The OneDrive sync client update process

Deploying updates in the Enterprise ring

To deploy an updated version of the sync client for Windows, run the following command using System Center Configuration Manager:

Execute <pathToExecutable>\OneDriveSetup.exe /update /restart

If you do not want to restart the sync client, remove the /restart parameter.

OneDrive for Business retention and deletion

OneDrive for Business retention and deletion

OneDrive for Business retention and deletion

Their OneDrive for Business will be preserved for 30 days. You’re the temporary owner of all documents saved to their OneDrive for Business.


When a OneDrive for Business site collection is scheduled for deletion, the default action is to transfer ownership of the site to the manager of the original work account or school account that is being deleted. For this to occur, the user profile Manager Property must be set for the original owner of the OneDrive for Business site. For more go to OneDrive retention

For this to occur, the user profile Manager Property and Access Delegation need to be set for the deleted user before deleting it. To do that, as a global admin or SharePoint admin, please follow the steps below: 
1. Go to the SharePoint admin center
2. Click User profiles > People > Manage User Profiles > Find the user account to deleted > Edit my profile > Manager > type the manager account into the box > Save and Close

Go to central admin

Then Edit my profile

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