Scripts used for administration tasks

Add-SPSite: Adds a new SharePoint site Import-SPSite: Imports a site from a backup file Export-SPSite: Exports a site to a backup file Get-SPWeb: Gets a SharePoint web site Remove-SPSite: Removes a site from the site collection Add-SPList: Creates a new SharePoint list Display-SPList: Displays all lists Remove-SPList: Removes a list Get-SPView: Gets a SharePoint view Display-SPItemInformation: Displays detailed item information Set-SPItem: Modifies a list item CheckIn-SPDocument: Checks... Continue Reading →

Backup and Restore a Site Collection in SharePoint using PowerShell

Backup and Restore a Site Collection in SharePoint using PowerShell In SharePoint 2010 you can take a backup of a site collection using the Backup-SPSite cmdlet: Backup-SPSite http://SP –Path C:\Backup\siteCollection.bak Restoring a site collection in SharePoint 2010 is just as simple: Restore-SPSite http://SP –Path C:\Backup\siteCollection.bak

How to get the name of the application pools when they are using GUIDs?

How to get the name of the application pools when they are using GUIDs? SharePoint has decided to use GUIDs for this Name. Within Central Administration the Application Pools are displayed using a SharePoint only property – Name, which is actually a Display Name (e.g. SharePoint Web Services Default). The GUIDs used are, wait for... Continue Reading →

2012 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2012 annual report for this blog. Here's an excerpt: 4,329 films were submitted to the 2012 Cannes Film Festival. This blog had 17,000 views in 2012. If each view were a film, this blog would power 4 Film Festivals Click here to see the complete report.

Search center

Search center Enable SharePoint Search features 1. Click Site Actions, and then click Site Settings. 2. In the Site Collection Administration section, click Site collection features. 3. In the SharePoint Server Publishing Infrastructure row, click Activate. 4. Wait for the page to refresh, and then confirm that the feature's status is Create a Search Center... Continue Reading →

Configure Blob and RBS

Remote BLOB Storage RBS and SharePoint 2010 Enable FILESTREAM 1. Start SQL Server Configuration Manager. 2. Click SQL Server Services. 3. Right-click SQL Server (MSSQLServer), and then click Properties. 4. Click the FILESTREAM tab. 5. Select the Enable FILESTREAM for Transact-SQL access check box. 6. Select the Enable FILESTREAM for file I/O streaming access check... Continue Reading →

Diagnostic logging

Configure diagnostic logging Configure diagnostic logging by using Central Administration In Central Administration, on the Home page, click Monitoring. On the Monitoring page, in the Reporting section, click Configure diagnostic logging. On the Diagnostic Logging page, in the Event Throttling section, you can configure event throttling as follows: To configure event throttling for all categories: Select the All Sharepoint categories  check box.... Continue Reading →

self-service site creation

Turn on self-service site creation Create a site collection (SharePoint Server 2010) self service site with the Service account. On the SharePoint Central Administration Web site, click Application Management. On the Application Management page, click Manage Web Applications. Click the Web application for which you want to turn on self-service site creation. The ribbon becomes active. On the... Continue Reading →

Title Missing server side dependencies.

Title Missing server side dependencies. Explanation [MissingWebPart] WebPart class [8d6034c4-a416-e535-281a-6b714894e1aa] is referenced [1] times in the database [WSS_Content_Intranet], but is not installed on the current farm. Please install any feature/solution which contains this web part. One or more web parts are referenced in the database [WSS_Content_Intranet], but are not installed on the current farm. Please... Continue Reading →

How to open PDF files in browser and set file type association icons in SharePoint 2010?

SharePoint 2010 Won't Open PDFs I was searching on the internet for the reason of this issue and fixing it so I found the following it worked with me fine and witout any needing to restart IIS The reason First Looks like IIS is adding the http header X-Download-Options: noopen which forces the browser to... Continue Reading →

SharePoint 2010 Exam 70-667

some important useful questions in the sharePoint Exam 70-667 1-      You have a sharepoint 2010 server farm. You have a web application. The zones for the web application are configured as: Default Extranet You need to prevent all users from changing the document library settings for the extranet zone. You must achieve this... Continue Reading →

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