Configure SSL for SharePoint 2013


In this tutorial I will show you how to configure SSL for SharePoint 2013.


  1. IIS 8
  2. SharePoint 2013
  3. Windows Server 2012
  4. HTTP Web Application on Port 80


  1. Create Self Signed Certificate on IIS 8
  2. Import Self Signed Certificate to SharePoint Certificate store
  3. Add Self Signed Certificate to trust management in Central Administration
  4. Configure IIS Binding
  5. Configure AAM
  6. Notes
  7. Issues

Note: Make sure to perform these steps with admin privileges.

Step 1Create Self Signed Certificate on IIS 8

Open IIS Manager and then go to Server name and choose IIS Section “Server Certificates



Click on Create Self-Signed Certificate… on Actions pane

Specify a name like “SharePointSelfSignedCert” and click Ok



Double click on this created Certificate and go to details Tab and click copy to File…



Click Next (Welcome…),

Select No, do not export the private key and…

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