How to create user profile service in SharePoint 2013

How to create user profile service in SharePoint 2013

User Profile

What is user Profile?



Service account permissions


username: sp_sync (user Profile Sync)

Must be delegated to the AD

Delegate the account



Create custom task

Then next

Then choose replicate Directory changes



  • If a My Site host site collection was created during initial deployment and configuration, we recommend that you do not use it because it was created in the default web application. Delete this site collection, and create a new web application that is dedicated to hosting My Sites. Then create a new My Site host site collection in the dedicated web application.

  • The first step delete the user profile service application
  • Then create new user profile service


Choose the shared web services app pool

  • Then we have to create my site collection


Connections for synchronization service

Mapped properties

First create

Application pool for my sites


We have to IIS reset after thtat



Managed path Personal



My Sites require that a site collection exist at the web application root (which is displayed as / in the user interface). Without this, you will receive a message that states that there is no site collection at the root when you try to enable self-service site creation for the web application. Because we recommend that you use a dedicated web application to host My Sites, you should use the root path for the My Site host collection unless you have a specific requirement to create the site collection deeper in the uniform resource locator (URL) path.

Create and choose

My site host

In the Web Site Address section, select the URL where you want this site collection created. Generally, you should use the default path (which is displayed as / in the user interface), which is the root of the web application.


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