Missing server dependencies

Missing server dependencies

I had these error

“This error will appear on a cleanly installed system in the Health Analyzer Reports until you visit the following pages:

These are: Central Administration, General Application Settings, Farm Search Administration and then Search Service Application.


To determine which pages rely upon this suspect Web Part, execute the below query in SQL Server Management Studio while logged into your SharePoint database server.

use [SharePoint_AdminContent_(guid)]


DirName, LeafName


id in



lower(tp_WebPartTypeId) = ’28c23aec-2537-68b3-43b6-845b13cea19f’)

Here we use the database SharePoint_AdminContent_<GUID> since it is the one referenced in the error.  Nevertheless, two pages should be returned:


Given the results, navigate to both pages by concatenating them with the Central Administration URL.  You can ignore any error you may receive since they may not be configured yet.

  1. http://[centraladmin:port]/SearchAdministration.aspx

Browse to them and the error will no longer appear in the Health Analyzer Report.”

Now, return to the Central Administration Site main page and again click ‘View these issues’ produced by SharePoint Health Analyzer.  There open the error once more and click ‘Reanalyze Now’ from the ribbon.  When it is complete, return to the Central Administration Site main page, re-open the issues and this error should no longer exist.  If it does, wait momentarily and it should be removed.

Or go to the following

Go to general application

Then farm administration


Another option is to configure the Search Service and run the ‘Reanalyze Now’ option.  


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  1. Here is the solution. Visit this blog & download the utility




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