Grand permission for on prem public folder or shared mailbox to office 365 users

First create universal group and add users to the group the mail enable it

With the following command from the exchange PowerShell

Enable-DistributionGroup -Identity “groupName”

After its enabled

Run the following command

send on behalf off

(run the command from the exchange powershell)

Set-MailPublicFolder “\publicfoldername” -GrantSendOnBehalfTo “Groupname”

send as

For the send as go to properties of the distribution  group from the ECP schange link then go to delivery options

Add the group


  1. is this possible to create universal group and add o365 user in the group after mail enable on this group add group in on promises functional mail


    1. the topic is talking about public folders cross permissions
      also you must know the syn direction in most cases the syn is from the AD to the cloud so if you add and users to o365 groups or members it wont be synced to the on-prem
      did I reply to you or you need more help
      any way you can send me on


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