Project server on SharePoint 2016

Creating Project server on SharePoint 2016

Enable the license

After enabling the server license

Enable-ProjectServerLicense -Key

create service and service proxy connection

Project Server Service Application

Create the service application and start the service

Make sure the proxy connection has been created if not review your topology

Starting the service

Details will be here

Create project server web site

There are two options for deploying Project Web App, either you can create a Project Web App site as the top level of a new site collection, or you can add a Project Web App site to an existing site collection.

Database configuration

It is recommended to create separate Database for the project server

After creating the content Database, it will be better to lock it to prevent SharePoint form adding additional site collection to the database.


, make sure you are using the correct database by running the following

Get-SPSite -ContentDatabase <projectserverdatabase name>

Lock database

In the Database Capacity Settings section:

  1. In the Number of sites before a Warning event is generated box, type 0.
  2. In the Maximum number of sites that can be created in this database box, type 1.

Our case will be Clean installation of new site collection

Deploy Project Web App with a new site collection (Project Server 2016)

Create a top-level web site

The steps for creating site collection

Project Server 2016 does not require a specific template. You can choose any template for your organization.


After creating the site collection

Make sure to give read for everyone

Enabling the features

We must enable the features from the central admin —- site settings ——- Site collection features

This could be done using the GUI or SharePoint PowerShell; I prefer the PowerShell more specific and time consuming

This is the web site before Appling the project server feature

Now configure it to be project server

Configuration of Project Server

Run the following command

Enable the project server Mode and permission

Changes the permission mode for a Project Web App instance. Running this cmdlet deletes all security settings and reverts to the default settings for the specified mode.


 Set-SPProjectPermissionMode -Url http://websitename -Mode ProjectServer

To make sure you are working under the right mode run the following



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