To query FSMO Roles

netdom query fsmo

Seize the domain naming master role

Open the CMD

To seize the RID master role

  1. Open Command Prompt.
  2. Type:
  3. At the ntdsutil command prompt, type:
  4. At the fsmo maintenance command prompt, type:
  5. At the server connections command prompt, type:
    connect to serverDomainController
  6. At the server connections prompt, type:
  7. At the fsmo maintenance command prompt, type:
    seize RID master


DomainController The domain controller to which you want to assign the new operations master role. Use only for recovery purposes.

Before seizing the domain naming master role, use the repadmin command-line tool to verify whether the new operations master has received any updates performed by the previous role holder, and then remove the current operations master from the network. For more information about operations master roles and the Active Directory command-line tools, see Related Topics.


Type roles

At fsmo maintenance:, type connections

At server connenctions:, type connect to server, that is, the FQDN of the DC you want to take over the role.

At server connenctions:, type quit

At fsmo maintenance:, type seize domain naming master

At ntdsutil, type quit

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