EventID: 8319

EventID: 8319

This is the error and this is the EVENT NAME

Table SqlIoData_Partition27 has 443957248 bytes that have exceeded the max bytes 442857142

Which is the SQL IO Usage event

To know the database name

Go to central admin

First, we must get the database name

The database name is


 Now we need to find which table is taking most of the space inside the WSS logging Database.

You can check from the SQL Server

Login to SQL Server Management Studio -> Select your logging Database (Right Click) -> Reports- > Standard Reports -> Disk Usage by Top Tables

The SQL IO Usage event

We can reduce the retention period of any events (default is 14)

Table SqlIoData_Partition27 has 443957248 bytes that has exceeded the max bytes 442857142

In my case its SQL IO

Any way if we couldn’t know exactly which identity is causing the problem we can just

Set them all to any number of days

Then log in the SharePoint power shell


Set-SPUsageDefinition –Identity “Page Requests” -DaysRetained 3

Now I just changed the page Request to 3 days

Alternatively, you can set all the Identities once

By the following command

Get-SPUsageDefinition | Set-SPUsageDefinition -DaysRetained 3

After you are done

Run the two timer jobs to clean the old data ‘Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Usage Data Import’ and ‘Microsoft SharePoint Foundation Usage Data Processing’.

Go to Sharepoint Central Administration -> Monitoring -> Configure Usage and health data collection-> Log Collection Schedule.

And it will take you to the timer jobs.


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