Alert: Exchange Health Set

Alert: Exchange Health Set

Alert: Exchange Health Set

Source: pcrs0119 – ActiveSync.Protocol


Last modified by: System

Last modified time: 1/17/2017 8:28:50 AM Alert description: ActiveSync is failing on Mailbox server server name.

Incident start time: 1/17/2017 5:28:35 AM


Last failed result:

Failing Component – EAS

Failure Reason – Unknown Reason: QuotaExceeded


Exception: System.Net.WebException: Error occurred:


Invoke-MonitoringProbe -Identity:”ActiveSync.Protocol\ActiveSyncDeepTestProbe” -Server:servername | fl

  1. Open the Exchange Management Shell, and run the following command to retrieve the details of the health set that issued the alert:
  2. Get-ServerHealth <server name> | ?{$_.HealthSetName -eq "<health set name>"}

    For example, to retrieve the ActiveSync health set details about, run the following command:

    Get-ServerHealth | ?{$_.HealthSetName -eq "ActiveSync"}

  3. Review the command output to determine which monitor reported the error. The AlertValue value for the monitor that issued the alert will be Unhealthy.
  4. Rerun the associated probe for the monitor that’s in an unhealthy state. Refer to the table in the Explanation section to find the associated probe. To do this, run the following command:
  5. Invoke-MonitoringProbe <health set name>\<probe name> -Server <server name> | Format-List

    For example, assume that the failing monitor is ActiveSyncCTPMonitor. The probe associated with that monitor is ActiveSyncCTPProbe. To run this probe on, run the following command:

    Invoke-MonitoringProbe ActiveSync\ActiveSyncCTPProbe -Server | Format-List

  6. In the command output, review the “Result” section of the probe. If the value is succeeded, the issue was a transient error, and it no longer exists. Otherwise, refer to the recovery steps outlined in the following sections.


Troubleshooting ActiveSync Health Set

The command didn’t work and you have the failure message then

ActiveSyncDeepTestMonitor and ActiveSyncSelfTestMonitor Recovery Actions

This monitor alert is typically issued on Mailbox servers. To perform recovery actions, follow these steps:

  1. Start IIS Manager, and then connect to the server that is reporting the issue. Click Application Pools, and then recycle the ActiveSync application pool that’s named MSExchangeSyncAppPool.
  2. Rerun the associated probe as shown in step 2c in the Verifying the issue section.
  3. If the issue still exists, recycle the entire IIS service by using the IISReset utility.
  4. Rerun the associated probe as shown in step 2c in the Verifying the issue section.



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