How to restore SharePoint to another farm

How to restore SharePoint to another farm

how to restore SharePoint to another Farm

The scenario we will use is that we have a web application and we need to attach another Database to it

First copy the database the two files of the content

MDF and LDF files of the content

Copy them to the new farm

In addition, it will be better to disable the web application server

Then right-click the databases and right click attach

Then add the MDF file

Then it will be attached with the following name


Renamed to the original name

This is the new name

How-To connect Content DB to a SharePoint Web application

Then go to the SharePoint central admin to know the web application you need


Application management then manage content database

Change the web application you want

Then choose the web Application

Please use the PowerShell not the GUI

Run the following command

Mount-SPContentDatabase -Name Databasename -WebApplication webappicationname

Now the database has been assigned and upgraded


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